fiction & games

Fenrir Cerebellion writes across genres of fantasy, horror, and science fiction, centering themes of disability, mental illness, and queerness. They've written flash fiction series, episodic short fiction, and narrative games alongside short stories. They also design single-session ttrpgs, most often mechanizing memory and change. While most of their work is read to audiences at live events, they have a handful of stories, games, and ttrpgs available online and in print.

Note: writing samples available here.


"Time and Experience/Warmth from a Strange Place", Local Smoke Press & Distribution, Work + Leisure 2021

"Hands in the Cosmos", Writers 4 Utopia, Cycles 2019

"YES, MONSTERS", Writers 4 Utopia, Lit Fuse 2018

"Count", Writers 4 Utopia, Gaslit 2017


"Sunrise" The PaperCut Arcade "Blackout" Twine Game Jam 2021