Breakfast Date

from Hellborne 1.5

“How do you live?”


Luce flipped a chocolate pancake with a flick of the frying pan and then gestured out the window with it, “There’s a community recreational centre just down the street with a pool and showers.”


From the dining table that seconded as a desk, Luce’s breakfast date frowned. "That’s not exactly what I meant,” she leaned back to spy whether Zoe was working or resting just then.


“So you’re not talking about the fact that I live somewhere most people wouldn’t use for storage, but that I’m living with him.” The look Luce sent Adi Moffat’s way was mildly disappointed, even as he slid the pancake onto Adi’s plate. “Because…”


“It’s him. He lives in a server bay. If he were human he’d die of exhaustion and malnutrition.” What Adi was trying to portray was that Zoe was not ‘healthy’ in any way shape or form, which included being a healthy influence. He did, indeed, live in a server bay. From his cot, his workspace was three feet away, his blood supply was five. Zoe could very well spend decades in his bedroom, staying up for months at a time and never having to talk to a single person.


“Thus the mutually beneficial relationship,” Luce responded, taking his seat at the desk-table with coffee in one of Zoe’s mugs. “I make sure he doesn’t forget humanity exists outside of the advent of computer programming language, he makes sure I don’t… you know.” He made a wish-wash gesture and took up his coffee.


After a moment’s consideration, Adi admitted to the logic of the situation and started on her pancakes.


The topic of Lucy Kolline’s roommate didn’t return until the plates were clean and away, and Adi was preparing to get on with her day, leaving Luce to his.


“So, Zoe only gets paid twenty dollars an hour?”


“He has a real job.” Luce contemplated the bottom of his mug before knocking back the dredges of his coffee and chewing. “He just kind of consults and occasionally saves my life or busts down a particularly stuck door. He’s handy that way.”


Adi regarded the barely cordoned off server bay again. “Plus he keeps you from going power greedy evil.”


“Plus that.”