The eye in the centre of the stag’s forehead blinked, slow and sideways.


Bowing made a face. She didn’t want to do this but she was going to.


Bowing is an ongoing serial about magic, duty, and relationships. It's about Bowing, a queer black trans woman who takes care of a mountain and her Guide, a queer swamp spirit named Qel. It's also about a very incorrigible Toggenburg goat named McGinnis.

Contains: Blood, Strong language

1.   Homecoming

2.  Conversations

3.  Town

Morris Is Doing This Wrong

She had been doing this a while.


Originally a solo piece I would read at events, I expanded upon Morris Is Doing This Wrong because I didn't want the misinterpretation that Morris fulfilled the tragic queer role. I knew she lived, but other folks were left to speculation. I also knew she'd get that axe back.

Contains: Horror, Fantastical apocalypse

1.   Morris Is Doing This Wrong

2.  Morris Is Breathing Too Hard