They were standing on the edge of the world and Vac moved to push Phileas off.

“Don’t fucking even.”

Vac shuffled backwards and laced his fingers together behind his back. The banana floating by his head drifted downwards momentarily in dejection.

Phileas was busy eyeing horizon of nothing, where the stars and night sky met the day.

“You ready for this?”

Over red rimmed glasses and past a stray dreadlock, Phileas shot Vac a dirty look. He never doubted that audacious was a fitting adjective for Vac, he never doubted it was a fitting verb for himself, but given that Phileas had years upon years of experience and Vac was in preschool in comparison, Vac was perhaps being a little facetious.

Vac raised his hands in a gesture of surrender. “I’m just saying. End of the world, edge of the world, some pretty heavy stuff, I’m thinking things might be a bit on the difficult side.” Next to his head, the banana was being peeled.

Phileas watched him grab it and proceed to consume it while another banana took the previous one’s place. Wherever Vac kept those, Phileas didn’t know. He knew the man didn’t know any magic – still – nor had he any special materializing powers. “Nah,” he dismissed Vac and all their animosity over the last minute. “This will be a snap.”

Down below the edge of the world, something stirred.

“Piece of cake,” Vac added, cautious of the precipice.

“Walk in the park.”

Vac held out his banana peel. “As pie.”

Phileas shook out his hands. “A cinch.”

“A breeze.” The banana peel dropped and plummeted downwards.

For a terribly long stretch of time nothing happened. Nothing had been happening before, stirring aside. The edge of the world was surprisingly stark and soundless. A wind blew against Vac’s mohawk as best it could, briefly, and tossed Phileas’s stray dreadlock across the many piercings stippling his face.

“You ever notice how we wear the same boots?” Vac asked, new banana spinning in slow circles.

And then the edge of the world sheared clear from the rest of the world and the two were sent plunging towards the dropped peel and the contents of below. While Phileas gathered massive canon balls of element to fling at their rapidly approaching destination, Vac managed to indicate that he wasn’t a fan of apocalypses.