Assuming Control

“You recommend I take my life?”

There was a shift of gaze.


In the light, Mina’s face was a vivid image of sarcasm. Highlighted, and darkened shadow. She couldn’t see that which was beyond the stream of white, but could at least intone how disgruntled they were at her blatant disapproval.

“You’ve got to be shitting me,” Mina grumbled, swiping at the pillar with a flash of gold from her rings. In her hand, the concentration of light broke through the spaces between her fingers. Between their shafts of light, she could see that which was beyond.

It purred.

She swallowed the ball of white vindictively, a glowing smirk. “I’m insulted you asked.” From here she merely needed to drift back down, away from snarling beasts and their now laughable threats. She is now immortal.

“I’ve got stars for you,” said that which was beyond.

Mina held a single, triumphant finger over her shoulder.